Improve your service delivery by running surveys and get realtime insights

Get reviews about your products or services and make data-driven decisions. Run NPS surveys and get to know how your services affect your bottomline.

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Shortcodes and payments provide a great platform to collect real time feedback from customers.

Realtime reports

Receive better response rates from customers and view their responses in realtime.


Ensures a wider, more targeted reach to your customers who provide valuable feedback.

Use case

NPS Surveys

Get ratings from your customers and instant feedback for your services. NPS surveys help you improve your services and beat your competition where it hurts.

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All prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices are in Kenyan Shillings.

Currency conversion is only done on the US Dollar and not in any other currency.

Client premium per response
Charged when customer responds to a question
KES. 4.50
Survey template
KES. 5,000.00
Demographic Data Addons
Includes Age, Gender and Location.
KES. 4,500.00

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